Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm a spinning fanatic !

I'm back to Spinning! It is the single most exilerating form of exercise i have ever done. It melts the pounds of and it gives me an endorphin rush like no other activity imaginable. So far i have done 4 classed at Revolution Fitness.

The Friday night class at 6pm is so fun and the instructor is a sexy guy with and english, hot, hot. They play all different types of club music....industrial, a little hip hop, disco etc.

Give it a shot it is so worth it. Being fit equals self love!

Jade Spinning - original image

I used to be a member of Sports Club LA and that is where i learned perfect cycling form. I have always been very athletic and competitive. I'm a beast on the bike. I did a 500 mile bike ride straight up the Canadian Rockies without even breaking a sweat. Other cyclist were amazed and asked me how i had trained for the ride. I did about 4 spin classes a week for about 4 months and that is all it took. It is much more beneficial then training on a regular bike where you have to stop and watch for traffic and if you have a good instructor, they will motivate you and you just can't stop !

Jade Spinning- Artsy

The above image is the artsy like?

I would love for any of you to meet me at Revolution Fitness and get on the positive high i am on! Since this is my first week back, i am still very sore. It will take about 3 to 4 weeks for me to get stronger and used to training so hard. In addition to spinning, i have also been a ballet dancer since age 5.... well over 3 years. I also love dance and i am good.

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