Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jade is a Ballerina and has been for many years!

I love dance, it sets me free, i could do it everyday of my life and be 100% content.....

self portrait.......

Above is a self portrait that was not easy to take.....

I am a dancer... a ballerina. I love classical ballet and have been trained by the best, who have also been trained by the best. My mother was and is a dancer and she used to dance with my main teacher, MaryLou Stangeland. They both trained under Phyllis Moore of Moore's Dancewear.

I also trained with the late Rick Sullivant as a ballet and jazz dancer. I went to extensive dance camps and i have performed in many productions not to mention the old Forum floor when the dream team (Magic Johnson) was happening.

Jade at a ballet class

These are some photos from a new class i started about 2 weeks ago. The class is a lot easier then MaryLou's but really, it is what you make it. When others are doing one turn, i will do doubles and when others are dancing flat, i will releve.


Jade at the Bar......

I'm working hard to lose weight and strengthen my ankles so i can go on pointe within the next 2 months. I am going to perform in an avant garde style, with theatrical makeup and costume. My pointe shoe of choice is the custom made Gaynor Mindens, they are the best!

Gotta dance !!!

Ballerina Domina

it's super hard and takes major dedication and discipline.

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