Saturday, June 21, 2008

OMG! Look who came into the house today !!

Yup, that is right, Fred!

He's about 200 pounds of Sulcatta Tortoise !

That would be one large bowl of soup.

Look at her trying to move that tank!

I was in the other room when i heard a boom! I made my way into the living room and there he was.... he had bull dozed right through the french doors.....

He came right up the step and headed toward my friend, Adria's, room. Luckily he was on tile so we swirled him around. i had to show him my hot pink finger nails in order to get him to follow me. He thinks they are candy. I got him half way out before he turned around... I can't pick him up he is huge and he will smash my fingers and tuck his legs in really quick...ouch!

Jade's Sulcatta Tortoise....

I had to Call Adria and we both picked him up, it wasn't easy. This is the first time he has been in the house for quite some time. He was the size of a quarter when i bought him for $100 bucks at a reptile store. At that time i was managing 15 apt buildings in Satna Monica and West LA and i had a large apt he roamed around in. i had to move he got so big. I love him though!

Fred Art

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