Monday, October 6, 2008

My Laker Girl Days....

Okay this is not the best photo but it was taken around 1990 before the digi cam days. I don't have a scanner so i had to photograph it. It is not very clear.

This is me at about age 26 with Magic, a friend of mine. I was in Hawaii with him during his executive basketball camp. It was a blast. I will post more images here later so check back!

click on image.

This is me with Harry Shearer in Hawaii. In the background is "Cookie" Johnson. She and Magic had just become engaged. Magic gave her a 10 karat engagement ring...


darkamor said...

a very rare shot of "Magic" Johnson before he got infected by H.I.V. (fortunately, he is in good health now and remains an example for "just because you have AIDS doesn't mean you let your body go to shit, take better care of yourself and all will prevail"). :-)

darkamor said...

Oh yeah, Harry Julius Shearer is one of the best American Humorists still actively poking fun of our culture today .... and to think it all started with being a child actor (only to blossom into one funny guy)! :-)



Earvin "Magic" Johnson, Jr. + Earlitha "Cookie" Kelly have been together for a long time as a couple! :-)

JADE PARIS said...

Actually he had just found out he was infected right before we went to hawaii. So he knew he was HIV pos when that photo was taken.

He and Cookie are cool people, i really like them and run into them ever so often.


btw thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

I just posted somewhere else that I met Wilford Brimley in DC once. I met Magic that same day. Of the celebrities I've met, those two were by far the nicest, and sincerest of the lot. Except for you Jade. You ROCK of course! :D