Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Too Damn Hot!!

click to see larger image!

not me!!

this valley weather! I'm sick of it, it is about 102 today and I've had it, enough already !!

I better not be wearing this miniskirt come December !

Now lets see what type of photo I can get at "the club" tonight at spin class....

*evil grin*


Anonymous said...

SCORCHING HOT girl! btw, my wife tries to boss me around sometimes, but she always remembers who carries the hand-cuffs ;)

But then again...I'll have to think on it now. She's gone until Monday, and I'm always mud in her hands when she comes back from a long trip.

JADE PARIS said...

well thank you !

my papi has cuffs too, but he is a damn corporate attorney! I hate lawyers..... but not him!

I think i like your wife and i think she really is the boss!



darkamor said...

only 102 ? It was averaging 114 + in Las Vegas during the summer (I can't wait to get my house boat docked in So. California Uber Alles, sell my condo out here and say "adios pendejos" to Sin "shitty" City) and nights were hovering around 88 +!

I know the Valley was probably humid + air so bad you want to hold your breath whenever setting foot outside ....


JADE PARIS said...

yea, it is time for it to cool down i'm suffering. I get head exhaustion very easily and then i am worthless!