Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What do you mean i can't take photos here !

As much as i love going to Revolution Fitness, i needed to find a spin club closer to home.

So my Papi signed me up at the Equinox club. It is a nice place. Not as posh as my favorite club, Sports Club L.A. but it is definately right below it a couple of notches.

Monday was my first spin class there. I went into the bathroom and snapped this photo of myself and someone immediately came in and told me no photo taking....hmmm makes me wonder if the mirrors are two way!! Yea right, like that is going to fly with me.... that is what i do!

So here is the first of many photos that will be taken at club equinox of Moi etc....

The spin class was fine. They don't have the super expensive bikes that Revolution has, but the instructor was great. Unfortunately an old boyfriend showed up and sat right next to me.... Damn Lawyers!

My next class is Wednesday at 7pm then i'm off to the liquid kitty for "girls night"


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emilymarilyn said...

I can't believe you were told you can't take photos!!!!